At Waddington Jewelers, we offer the following services:

Jewelry Repair 
Waddington Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store where most jewelry repairs are done in house. This enables us to do the work in a timely manner. Usually taking 4-6 days unless parts are needed. We repair silver, gold, and platinum jewelry. We cover everything from solder jobs, re-pronging, ring sizing, stone replacement, bead and pearl restringing. We added a state of the art Laser which enables us to do jobs not possible with a traditional torch.

Appraisal Service 
Insurance replacement appraisals are offered everyday. Jen, a certified Gemological Institute of America Gemologist) will appraise your Jewelry. We will weigh, measure, grade, and photograph, each item and write an official appraisal. 

Bring in a piece of old jewelry or even a loose stone. We can create a lovely new piece using your imagination or ours.  

Custom Jewelry Design
Here at Waddington Jewelers, we can use 3-D computer Cad programs to turn ideas and drawings into 1 of a kind finished pieces. 
We have the ability of engraving on all kinds surfaces and objects. Our state of the art machine can handle simple plaques, the insides of rings, glass, and numerous other items. We offer a wide selection of fonts and can handle 1 piece to bulk orders in a matter of days. 
Eye Glass Repair
Depending on the spot of the break and the metal, we can get you wearing your broken glasses again until you are able to get new ones.


Wish List 
We invite you to come in at any time to fill out one of our “Wish List Cards” with any of the items you desire from our store. We will keep the card on file to aid your loved ones when they come in to buy you that special gift.